Friday, June 9, 2023
Friday, June 9, 2023

Office of Energy Projects Infrastructure Update April 2020

Natural Gas Highlights

  • Elba Liquefaction and Southern LNG received authorization to place in service Unit 6 of the LNG liquefaction and export facility at Southern’s existing LNG terminal on Elba Island in Chatham County, GA. When fully completed, the export terminal will consist of 10-units and 350 MMcf/d of liquefaction capacity.
  • WBI Energy received authorization to abandon by sale to Scout Energy its gathering facilities in the Baker Field, located in Fallon County, MT and Bowman County, ND, which include 400 miles of pipeline, field compressor units, and other equipment.
  • Rover Pipeline received authorization for its Wick Meter Station Project, which involves construction of a new meter station on Rover’s Sherwood Lateral in Tyler County, WV. The new station would be able to receive up to 300 MMcf/d of natural gas from an interconnect with the Equitrans/Eureka Midstream gathering system.
  • Texas-Kansas-Oklahoma Gas received a Determination of a Service Area within which it may own and operate facilities to transport natural gas into a limited area for the purposes of providing local distribution service in Northern Oklahoma, and a determination that it is an LDC for Section 311 purposes.
  • Rover received authorization to increase the mainline certificated capacity of its pipeline by 175 MMcf/d for a total of 3.425 Bcf/d, and corresponding increases to related laterals and market segments in OH and MI. The increase reflects operational experience and does not involve new infrastructure.
  • Texas Eastern received authorization for its Marshall County Mine Panel 19E Project, including excavating, elevating, and replacing segments of four pipelines and appurtenant facilities in Marshall County, WV, in order to ensure safe operation of the line during planned longwall mining operations by Marshall Coal.
  • Northwest Pipeline received authorization for its Walla Walla Compressor Station Project, including installing a 500 HP compressor and associated facilities to expand deliverability on its Walla Walla Lateral from 16.2 to 17.3 MMcf/d.
  • Puget Sound Energy received authorization to recomplete Well SU-50 from Zone 2 to Zone 1 at its Jackson Prairie storage facility in Lewis County, WA. This will provide Jackson Prairie with a backup recycle well.
  • National Fuel received authorization for its Line Q, QP, and Queen Storage Facility Project, which involves amending Commission authorizations associated with the abandonment and sale of these facilities located in Forest and Warren Counties, PA.
  • Magnum Gas Storage received an order partially vacating its certificate approving the construction of four gas storage caverns in Millard, Juab, and Utah Counties, UT. The order vacates the authorizations for two of those caverns.
  • Guardian Pipeline requests authorization for its Graymont Western Lime Interconnect Project, which consists of a new delivery point connecting Guardian to Graymont, an end-user in Fond du Lac County, WI. The interconnect will have a delivery capacity of 5 MMcf/d with an expansion potential of up to 13.2 MMcf/d.
  • Dakota Natural Gas requests a service area determination within which DNG may, without further Commission authorization, enlarge or expand its natural gas distribution facilities and operations for the purpose of providing natural gas service to Traill County and the cities of Hillsboro and Mayville, ND.
  • Gulf South requests authorization for its Valentine Chemicals Interconnect Project, including establishing a new delivery point to deliver up to 9 MMcf/d of natural gas to Valentine Chemicals in Lafourche Parish, LA. This delivery point will bypass the LDC, South Coast Gas.
  • Kinetica Express requests authorization to abandon 66.8 miles of pipeline located onshore and in federal waters off the coast of Louisiana. The lines have not been used since March 2017.
  • Equitrans requests authorization to abandon by sale or in place its 927 mile gathering system in PA and WV. Equitrans is looking for buyers of the system, as it wishes to exit the low pressure gathering business.
  • Golden Pass LNG and Golden Pass Pipeline request to transfer the authorization to construct and operate certain facilities authorized under NGA Section 7 from Golden Pass Pipeline to Golden Pass LNG, which would then construct and operate those facilities under Section 3 as part of the authorized LNG export terminal.


Hydropower Highlights (nonfederal)

  • Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC was issued an order raising the capacity of its East Fork Project No. 2698 from 23.973 to 25.848 MW. The project is located on the East Fork Tuckasegee River and Tanasee and Wolf Creeks in Jackson County, NC..


Electric Generation Highlights

  • Sage Draw Wind LLC’s 338.4 MW Sage Draw Wind Project in Lynn County, TX is online.
  • Xcel Energy Inc’s 200.0 MW Blazing Star Wind Farm in Lincoln County, MN is online.
  • East Fork Wind Project LLC’s 196.0 MW East Fork Wind Farm in Thomas County, KS is online. The power generated is sold to Brown Forman Corp. under long-term contract.
  • Polaris Wind Energy LLC’s 168.0 MW Polaris Wind Park in Gratiot County, MI is online.
  • Jumbo Hill Wind Project LLC’s 160.0 MW Barrow Ranch in Andrews County, TX is online.
  • South Peak Wind LLC’s 80.0 MW South Peak Wind Farm in Judith Basin County, MT is online. The power generated is sold to NorthWestern Energy under long-term contract.
  • Gulf Power Co’s 74.5 MW Blue Indigo Solar Energy Center in Jackson County, FL is online.
  • Juwi Inc’s 60.0 MW Palmer Solar Project in El Paso County, CO is online. The power generated is sold to Colorado Springs Utilities under long-term contract.
  • Johnson Corner Solar I LLC’s 20.0 MW LightSource BP Solar Farm in Stanton County, KS is online. The power generated is sold to Mid Kansas Electric Co LLC under long-term contract.
  • Scottsburg Solar Array LLC’s 7.5 MW Scottsburg Solar Park in Scott County, IN is online.
  • Eagle Creek Hydro Power LLC’s 9.0 MW Swinging Bridge Unit 3 in Orange County, NY is online.


Electric Transmission Highlights

  • Advanced Power has completed 14.6 mile, 345 kV Pleasant Valley – Long Mountain Transmission Project in NY.